SynGAP Research Fund (SRF) is a global group of families committed to accelerating the science to cure SynGAP & to supporting each other.

Our mission is to support the research and development of treatments, therapies and support systems for SynGAP1 patients worldwide.

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There are 3000+ papers available on Google if you search SynGAP, 2300+ for SYNGAP1. Where to begin?

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Our patients have some specific seizures which are well described in Sheffer’s paper, above as well as this paper from German researchers, see also the video attached.

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Ketogenic Diet

Putting a child on the powerful drugs that are used to treat our kids is not easy. As a result many parents are turning to the oldest known treatment for Epilepsy, the Ketogenic Diet. Many have had great outcomes. We urge you to learn more about it.

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SRF is phenomenal! I love how devoted they are to finding a treatment/cure for our favorite syngapians! I am blown away with this nonprofit organization and everything that they stand for. So thankful to have amazing individuals who have made it their life mission to helping our loved ones and their own!


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