Ontario, Canada
4 years old
January 8, 2020


After 3 years of searching for answers, Chase was diagnosed with Syngap1 in October of 2019. He started to miss milestones early on as a baby. Since then, he has been receiving OT, PT, and Speech Therapy and has gone through countless tests. We knew from the beginning that something was different about Chase and that he didn’t seem to match any diagnosis that we knew of. He began having seizures when he was 3 years old and we finally got the testing that we had been fighting for from the start, which is when we got the Syngap diagnosis.

Although Chase struggles through countless seizures, coordination issues, and motor delays - he is still the happiest little boy there is. He wins everyone over with his big amazing smile and his contagious laugh. Chase is so resilient and when he falls or do not succeed at something he gets back up and tries again. His easy going personality and eagerness to learn despite his struggles are an inspiration.

For a little guy who sometimes struggles to walk and run, he absolutely shines on his 3 wheeled scooter! He can scooter so fast that we have to run to keep up. Along with riding his scooter, he also enjoys blowing bubbles, swimming, reading books, and listening to music. Chase uses a communication device at home and school. He is learning to put two words together on his device. Chase still does not have seizure control, but we are hoping to figure out what works best for him soon.


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