Aitkin, Minnesota
4 years old
March 27, 2019


John is 4 years old and lives in Aitkin, Minnesota. He was diagnosed with Syngap at age 2 ½. John was delayed since birth, we started therapies around 11 months old. He sat up independently at 13 months old, crawled at 15 months and walked at 23 months old. Along with the Syngap diagnosis he also was diagnosed with epilepsy and autism. John is nonverbal and cannot do sign language due to poor motor skills. John uses a device called LAMPS to communicate his needs, which he is still learning how to properly use. He is a happy little farm boy who enjoys tractor rides, side by side rides, skid steer rides, lawn mower rides.. pretty much anything he can ride on. He enjoys feeding the pigs and chickens, and just recently started riding his pony. John loves water and is usually covered in mud everyday during the summer. He struggles mainly with comprehension and behavior. John is usually happy and has a very loving laugh. John loves his sister so much, they do everything together. He may struggle daily but if he is motivated, then he will overcome anything that gets in his way.


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