Northern Minnesota, USA
3 years old
December 1, 2020


Logan is a twin, he and Danny were healthy babies born full term in Week 40. While Logan was the first to turn around, Danny progressed much faster on the other milestones. When Logan was 12 months old, he had what seemed to be a neurological event. In October 2019 after several genetic tests, Logan was diagnosed with Syngap1 who responded to his delays.

Logan is typically a happy kid who loves to be outside jumping on the trampoline (while other kids bounce him), loves being pushed on a swing and taking tractor and road rides. He loves people, especially adults, and is super generous with his hugs. He hasn't met a stranger who doesn't like him. Logan is obsessed with phone calls, FaceTiming and selfie mode. He loves buttons and switches and seeing the resulting effects of seeing the lights on and off or the garage door open and shut. And he loves the attention of his brothers.

Logan is known in his preschool church and community for his generous hugs, big smile and fun and numerous facial expressions.

Logan has been in physical therapy, occupational therapy and language therapies since he was one year old. He's come a long way to grab and carry items. Still doesn't run but can walk real fast. She still prefers bottles, but she's learning to eat solid foods. Logan can say some words like ′′ dad ′′ and ′′ baba ′′ (bottle). She babbles a lot, but she's still working to learn how to speak. He gets frustrated when he can't communicate his needs or desires, and that frustration results in shouting and crying. He can definitely understand a lot more than he can articulate.

Unlike many other Syngapians, Logan is not epileptic and has no autism. He doesn't take any medication.

Logan brings lots of joy to his family and friends!

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