Modena, Italy
4 years old
August 19, 2020

Ryan in Italy

Ryan was born March 11, 2016 and two years later we received the Syngap1 diagnosis. Around 11 months, he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Ryan has hypotonia, is non-verbal, does not walk, has sleep disturbances, and does not eat or drink alone. Therefore, it makes it difficult to manage his needs. In September of this year, Ryan will be will starting to use walking braces, in hopes he can start having improvements with walking.

He can become very impatient when we do not understand what he wants or we deny him access. Ryan can become aggressive towards himself and others when he becomes frustrated.

Ryan spends most of his time with his 9 year old brother Robin and 8 year old sister Rita. He likes being outdoors and walking. Loves water, balloons, soap bubbles, music, and thin objects such as wires, hair, grass. Ryan is very attracted to lights and bright objects.

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