Here are our introductory comments: 

Our presentation today is ‘Evaluating Stem Cell Gene Therapy Approach for Syngap1’

I have the pleasure to introduce today’s speaker Dr. Joe Anderson at the University of California, Davis.  

Dr. Anderson is the Associate Professor of Internal Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at UC Davis.  He has been in the field of stem cell gene therapy for the past 20 years and has developed numerous therapeutic lentiviral vectors for HIV, Tay-Sachs/Sandhoff Disease and Angelman Syndrome and has evaluated their safety and efficacy both in vitro and in vivo in adult and pluripotent stem cells.  He performed the in vivo safety/efficacy data for the current pre-selective anti-HIV lentiviral vector being used in a Phase 1 clinical trial for HIV-lymphoma patients.  Dr. Anderson has also developed stem cell gene therapies for both Tay-Sachs/Sandhoff Disease and Angelman Syndrome that are currently in the IND-enabling experiment stage.  Dr. Anderson has successfully written, submitted and received approval of NIH RAC, pre-IND, and IND applications for his HIV stem cell gene therapy work.

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